What we do

Provide indisputable proof of transaction direct to your consumer via email or SMS
Payment Gateways
Satisfy complaints received via your payment gateway with one click of a button. Outsource such time-consuming enquiries direct to Shop Safe
Demonstrate your continued compliance by providing your regulator a view access to monitor transactions and resolve consumer complaints

Clarity & Simplicity

The Shop Safe Portal provides all the information available from the merchant & consumer, pulled via the integrated web plug-in and displayed in a secure environment free from tampering by rogue parties. The information can be exported at the click of a button or viewed by 3rd parties granted a remote log-in by the merchant.

Shop Safe is a mobile friendly technology designed to verify consumer purchase consent on mobile operator gateways worldwide
Shop Safe will partner direct with tier 1 mobile operators to provide a "Consent Engine" to capture consumer consent & send a receipt direct to the consumer
Shop Safe supports "PIN Flow" verification for all types of mobile consumer led, Shop Operator gateway. The PIN is sent via secure SMS direct to the consumer who must input the PIN online to provide consent
Technology & Consumer led, Shop Safe will power the next generation of mobile operator payment solutions

Frequently Asked Questions


Beautiful interface

Clarity & Simplicity were the key objectives of our front-end architects in designing the Shop Safe Portal. Offering all the information you need on a transaction, at the touch of button, whilst being easy to use for consumers and regulators.
  • Export Tools

    Export tools to allow receipt transactions to be emailed or sent via SMS to consumers

  • Portal Log-in

    Seperate log-ins can be provided to 3rd parties such as your payment gateway or regulator to query any completed transaction.


Choose the product that you really need!


Freebie Plan

Pay as you earn, with a fee of just $10c per completed transaction, no upfront fees, no monthly costs, no hidden charges


Mobile Plan

Pay as you earn, with a fee of just $10c per PIN SMS dispatched together with a monthly fee of $500


Business Plan

A fixed fee for larger volume merchants to run unlimited* transactions through the Shop Safe platform

*subject to fair usage policy

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